Hand Therapy

Our experienced physiotherapists. Jade Brodie and Nick Meffin have a special interest in the treatment of hand, wrist and elbow injuries. They manage these inuries and conditions of the upper limb using manual therapy techniques, rehabilittion and education. Custom splinting is also frequently used tretment option, in which the therapist may mould a splint to fit your injures area. Some splints can be used to protect an injured joint on return to sport such as football or basketball. 

Our therapist work closely with reputable hand surgeons and will be able to provide you with a recommendation should you need it. 

Commonly  treated areas 

  • upper limb overuse injuries, such as De Quervains tenosynovitis, Trigger finger, Carpal Tunnel SYndrome
  • Finger injuries, including dislocations and fractures e.g. Boxer's fracture
  • Thumb issues, such as arthritis or skier's thumb 
  • Wrist and elbow pain, e.g. Lateral extensor tendinopathy (Tennis Elbow)
  • Throwing injuries and overuse dysfunctions e.g Ulnar collateral ligament injuries (Little league elbow) 

A referral is not required for Hand and Elbow Therapy consultation 

Call 9725 2444 to learn more or to book an appointment. Alternatively, you can book online here.